Rennsport III

Racing on Sunday

Sunday morning was final round of practice with the afternoon being devoted to the “racing”.  Some of the sessions were races while others might have been more orchestrated to be exciting.

One of the few staged photo ops was the 2 lap tour made by these three Porsches. 

The 917/10, a 962 and the IMSA champion Penske Spider.



A comment about speeds  the fastest vintage car was the Miller 962 which got down into the low 1:40’s about the same times for the faster Daytona Prototypes, but I learned from an ‘experienced’ driver that they had been told to keep it down.  There were a couple of sessions where the 2 Porsche’s from IMSA (Penske and Dyson) were on track with a couple of the Daytona Prototypes (Ruby Tuesday and Burmos versions) and I heard that they might have been told to stay away from each other.  “No Racing!”



Jim made the trip with his brand new Regional F&C License to flag the Bus Stop Chicane.  Seen here in some of the action.  For Races, the Bus Stop Crew does the “Cone Dance” where the cones blocking the back straight are removed so the cars can by-pass the chicane on the Pace Lap.  The key is once the Green Flag has waived the ‘Dancers’ have to place the cones and get back to the safety of the Station before race cars arrive at the Chicane.  Best part of the job is being ‘up close and personal’ when the cars go by on the pace lap.  Jim enjoyed doing the Cone Dance for the 962 race and the finale.


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 Jim worked a few sessions in the “hole” on drivers right before the entrance to the chicane.  The cars on the fast line are up near the wall and just getting onto their brakes as they go by the 2x4 ft hole cut into the fence the flag crews use.  Jim was able to stick his camera out the hole to capture some shots.

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Race shots in no specific order … enjoy

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