You may have noticed the large parking area in the barn with the 14ft tall doorÖThe intent along has been to purchase another RV to help support our racing addiction.We started getting serious about this in late May early June and found this one in late June

The Test Drive

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1.5 mb

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The intent of the test drive was to see if it would fit in the new garage and from the shot on the left you can see that it did, but with not a lot of space to spare.It went right in with no trouble at all, the problem came when it became time to take it our of the garage.The middle shot will give you an idea of how short the old driveway was and the shot on the right might give you some idea of what it took to get it out.This was just one of the 6 different moves we made to get it out.†††

Itís ours now

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717 kb

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The picture on the left will give some idea just how huge this thing is.The middle shot is sitting on

the new driveway compare the 2 middle shots to give you an idea of how far out we took it.The shot

on the right was the inaugural trip to Summit for a Kart event.It was a lot more fun sleeping at the

track and enjoying coffee and watching the folks drive in so early in the morning.

For the record itís a 1998 36ft diesel pusher, a Monaco Winsor features

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