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It’s not an ITC John…


But your wife could get in it…


Jim practicing his Blue Flagging with SVRA in 1997


SVRA would let him flag, Jim with the Yellows at T-4 in 2000         63kb

Lin & Janet flagging together probably the only time we ever got to from 1997          152kb

Behind the scenes of Jim’s National TV Debut


On Speed TV during the 2005 Runoffs


It lasted 31 seconds but a nice piece. 


She was cute. We hope to get the entire .mpg file on the site, but it’s a 20mg file.

Jim checking out the Starter Stand at Pocono


On the back straight at Daytona for the 2002 Rolex-24

Keystone Cops Ferrari Style

From the 2002 Rolex-24


THE new Corner Yoda of the Daytona Bus Stop Chicane


Tony Stewart climbs from his broke car 10mins from the end of the 2004 Rolex. Yoda, lower right Strikes again.     131kb

Lin on ‘Phones’ at the National Grand Prix


For the past several years Lin has served as Captain of the Bus Stop Chicane for the Rolex-24 of Daytona and has lead a contingent of DC Region Flaggers down for the event.  Some pictures of note….

From 2008

In 2007 Rachel Forman did the Cone Dance

330 kb

… and they said she couldn’t run    330 kb

Almost home

325 kb

What does this signal mean?  “What da …?”  1.5 mb

From 2007 Mike Allen designated Light Holder

325 kb


Part One of 2009 Rolex-24

Jim & Dad at Daytona

635 KB

No comment

655 kb

Lin & Mike Allen

8 kb4


SHHH He’s sleeping

63 kb

The Infield  542 kb

More infield  570 kb

Sunset over the Westbank 

675 kb

The Pirelli Girls  61 kb


Part Two of 2009 Rolex-24 comes from Lin’s new Nikon Camera and there are a LOT of pictures


Bill Salmon was the Captain of the Bus Stop Chicane when this Novice Flagger worked his first Rolex-24, Bill welcomed me with open arms and a sandwich.  He was the Original Corner Yoda, the creator of the Legend of Brian Redman’s Cat, the Kidnapper of entire Formula Vee Fields and a great friend.

Bill in his Whites

The Original Corner Yoda

They came from across the country to work the Bus Stop and a sip of

Bill’s ‘Old Jock Strap Scotch…’

In 1999 Bill was awarded Honors as the SCCA Flagger of the year.  The T-Shirt commemorated the event with:.  “When the Chips are down …the Buffalo is empty”  A Billism,

Play Safe Bill



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