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Jim is, as a local radio show guy would say, a Lottery Winner!  Being taken under the wing of the Meathead Racing crew and their Driver Development Program.  As part of the program Jim has built the #49 SSM, a 1990 Miata for the 2008 DC Region’s MARRS Series.  The pictures below follow the Miata tear down and build as well as it’s first on track exploits 2007.


The new Miata

Coming up the driveway it looked innocent enough, but it was a Red Sports Car and what a car.  We’re not sure where this came from but it was almost too nice to strip.  The carpets were actually clean and looked reasonably new, the convertible top was new and even the access panels in the floor and on the rear deck where shiny.


Gutting the car

While the pictures don’t show it well with the Carpets looking dirty, but this was a very well cared for car, look at the access plates.  The Odometer reads (I believe) 169,940!  But give a kid a car and tell him to strip it, guess what? 


The Roll Cage

The cage was installed by York Automotive and dash has been reinstalled.  And work continues on final preparations for its initial track appearance.


The Finished Race Car

The car was finished in Mid August its first real run as the # NR 49 came Labor Day at MARRS VIII & IX with Chris Tamburo of Meathead Racing, a very experienced Miata Pilot, behind the wheel.  Chris ran the untried car to Top 10 finishes both days, which is saying quite a bit for a new car in a 48 car field. 

Well the car is good but Chris is REALLY good behind the wheel.  We really appreciated his willingness to do the shake down and his courage(?) for doing at the MARRS Double. 


Jim FINALLY got to drive the car, beyond moving it around the pits, on September 8th at the DC Region’s Last PDX event of the year and by all observations he did well.  He didn’t set the world on fire, but impressed his instructor Chris Tamburo. 


The Left 2 pictures are Chris from Turn 3 on the ‘Big Track’ while the 2 on the right are Jim on the Shenandoah in Turn 1.  If you look closely at the nose you might be able to see the “Toland Racing” decal.



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