DC Region Drivers Schools

Highlights from DC Region’s 2007 Fall Drivers School

for Jim and his SSM Miata

Drivers School ends with 2 practice starts and then a 3rd start for a 5 lap race.  The grid for the starts is made up by the instructors purely for the entertainment value, so being the “track Brat-turned Meathead Crewman” Jim was 32 out of 36 cars on the grid.  Jim is way in the back on the Pace Lap and due to a ‘shift issue’ Dead last as the field comes down into Turn 1 on the first start.  By the 2nd start he was a few cars further up and by Start 3 for the 5 lap race he was the 14th car in the shot which was probably taken about ˝ way thru the field.  Jim finished the race in 12th overall or 5th in class.  His 1:33.2 lap time was the 2nd fastest SSM lap and 3rd best time overall.  Not real bad considering he was still learning how to shift the car when the weekend started. 

Pace Lap – Jim is the last Red car  320 kb

Start 1, last car

313 kb

Start 2, back up last red car

317 kb

Start 3 Jim is 14th car in this shot

321 kb

A shot of Jim leading part of the Meathead Racing contingent into Turn 1.  Then I caught him at the turn in point for Turn 1.  And lastly Lauren Robinson got him sitting on the grid with his “what me nervous?”

Leader of the 3-Meats

727 kb

Turn in for Turn 1

334 kb

JimAAAAA, what me nervous?

5.9 MB

Highlights from DC Region’s 2008 Spring Drivers School

and some others

Jim’s Spring School went well, the he didn’t set the world on fire during the race although he was one of the quicker Miata Drivers and I believe the fastest SSM driver to complete the school.  The main thing was he finished with a Novice Racing License!  But, his school was not without some excitement…..

In the collection below Jim demonstrates the “Tank Slapper”  Compare the direction of the front steering wheels with the direction of the car…


Other pictures from the year are below

Part 1

490 kb

Part 2

412 kb


1.5 mb


460 kb

As seen on the cover of SportsCar

2.9 mb

From Jim’s First Gear Article in Sept 2008 issue of SportsCar   315 kb

Notice the Rookie Stripes

1.0 mb

Joe Cool

320 kb

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