Lin’s Bio remains a work in progress in another file on another machine, in a galaxy far far away so he has decided to use this page to update the medical progress.


As an old friend once said “Been there, done that, got a t-shirt I use as a rag in the Garage”


Lin’s medical update

Updated February 21, 2009

The medical update:   Brief version of the longer story…  Lin was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in December of 2005 and underwent Surgery the following April.  Unfortunately the surgery was not 100% successful, tests still showed the presence of cancer so the summer of 2006 was spent undergoing Hormone Therapy and 35 Low Level Radiation Treatments and fight continues.  


Mid May 2007:  All the Tests have been OUTSTANDING, as in less than .1 where a score of 3.0 is considered OK.  So we have finally won a battle against this thing, but the war is not over yet. 


September 2007:  As part of the annual ‘physical’ the family Doc ran another PSA and low and behold the numbers dropped even more to a .05!  Now the Cancer Surgeon will tell you that anything below .1 is considered undetectable but I do like the lower number. 


October 2007:  Full scale exam from the Urologist was in October and all came back nearly perfect with the PSA showing in the .05 range!  We’re on quarterly checkups with the next review the first week of March. 


March 2008:  Continuing the Quarterly PSA Checks and they are still in the ‘undetectable’ range so things continue to go well. 


November 2008:  We kind of knew it wouldn’t last forever and low and behold the PSA numbers have gone back up.  Immediate took the Hormone Shot during the same appointment.  Hot flashes are back, the man-boobs are back and one might say that I have not been the easiest person to live with.  We’ll be seeing the Doctor right before Drivers School and we will start developing our long range plan of attack then.  Since then some PSA Tests run by my family Doctor have all been in the below to normal range.  In the mean time there is a new Kart in the arsenal and I will be racing this year!


Soap Box:  … and I am getting good at this…  If you are over 40 and have not had a PSA Test, stop reading this and call your Doctor to get one scheduled.  This is painless blood test that can be done in conjunction with the other normal blood work we all have done on a regular basis.  Trust me the earlier you catch this Killer the better your chances of surviving it. 


NOTE:  I’ve included this information for the benefit of those friends and acquaintances who unfortunately I don’t get to hear from all that often. 


For my Coastie friends who wonder where I might be:  I retired in 2000 out of the OSC in Martinsburg and have been one of those ‘Government Consultants’ ever since.  Currently working with the Coast Guard out of the Jamal Building at CG Headquarters (CG-621).  Found it interesting that General Dynamics did in 20 minutes what the Coast Guard couldn’t do in 31 yrs – Transfer me to HQ.  I am the one of the two FISMA Team Leads.  Not minding HQ all that much but that is mainly because I get to telecommute from Martinsburg 2-3 days a week. 






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