This has been Jim’s homework assignment for a awhile now …


Then Dad added:  Jim is ‘still sucking air’ or as some might say, doing reasonably well.

For those who have known him awhile you will be surprised to learn he will actually be a Senior in High School this year and it actually looks like he will graduate with his class.  He has decided to go to college and he has already been accepted to
the University of Northwestern Ohio (UNOH).  



We’re reasonably confident that Jim is going to graduate and in honor of the event the traditional pictures had to be taken.  Here are some of them…

Official Graduation Picture

1.5 mb

Some less traditional Grad Shots   1.9 mb

Everyone’s favorite  601 kb

Jim’s vehicles

1.5 mb

For the 2005 SCCA RunOffs Jim was selected as someone SpeeVision would profile during the event. 

To see Jim’s first TV interview, with a young Krista Voda, lick on the RunOffs link below.



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