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Lin Toland is an active SCCA Flagger and Steward as well as a Briggs Sprint Kart Racer

with the Woodbridge Kart Club.  His wife Janet is active in T&S for both SCCA and WKC and

the young Lad Jim an SSM Miata and also does some Briggs Sprint Kart.  Lin was diagnosed

with Prostate Cancer in late 2005 and underwent surgery, radiation and hormone treatments

throughout 2006.  He actually ran the World Karting Assn National Road Race Series

scheduling his Radiation Treatments around road trips for Racing.  Lin has also been diagnosed

with Melanoma Skin Cancer on at least 3 occasions as well.  With all these experiences in mind;

we had looked for a way to ‘do something’ for others who have gone through cancer treatments

and we think we have it with the Blue Ribbon Campaign.  The intent of our campaign is to raise

some funds, selling Ribbon decals, to use to help make the treatment process a little less

stressful.  We are focusing our efforts on the 2 local area cancer treatment centers in

Martinsburg, WV and in Winchester, VA.

The Sky Blue Ribbons come in two sizes roughly 2” tall and a larger 4” tall version.  We are

asking for a minimum $1 or $2 donation depending on the size.  Thanks to Wheel Bent Racing

we can guarantee that 95 cents of each dollar collected will go directly to various activities to

improve the patient environment at the local cancer centers.  100% of any donation over above

the $1 or $2 dollar minimum will go to the cause.

As a Kart Racer and SCCA Member the hope of the program is to see the decals on Race Cars

and Karts as well as your other vehicle, or where ever you happen to put your decals.


My heart felt thanks go to both Wheel Bent Racing and OG Racing for their support as we try to ‘do something’ to make life a little bit easier for Cancer Patients.  This would not be happening without their support.  Thus far we have patients at one of the local cancer centers are reading Autoweek without I could not do this without them!


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